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Alec: Blazers Hockey Romance Free Short Story
Alec: Blazers Hockey Romance Short Story

When he gets sent to the sin bin, his penalty is a broken heart…


Defenseman Alec Rousseau protects his teammates on the ice, even if that means dropping his gloves in a game. When he witnesses an indignant blonde being harassed in a coffee shop, his protective instincts come out in force.


Kindergarten teacher Mackenzie Shaw faces down two pests as if they were bullies on the playground—she doesn’t give an inch. When the punks persist, an imposing stranger intervenes and claims to be her boyfriend. Amused, she plays along.


Alec and Mackenzie form an instant connection that only deepens as they spend time together. But Mackenzie has a gentle soul in conflict with Alec’s on-ice brawling. For Alec, however, Mackenzie’s heart is worth fighting for…

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Derek: Blazers Hockey Romance

Derek: Blazers Hockey Romance

Book 3


A single dad, nanny, teammate’s sister, hockey romance.


He’s playing a new game, and she’s his only shot at winning.


When he lost the captaincy of the NHL’s San Jose Blazers, Derek West descended into a haze of booze and puck bunnies. The last position he’s qualified for is father. But when a previous hookup abandons the baby he didn’t know existed, he’s thrust into a role he never wanted. Completely unprepared, he needs all the help he can get.


Avery Lane has career goals that don’t include opening her heart to another baby. But when she’s laid off from her position in graphic design, she falls back on the job that put her through college: live-in nanny. For the hottest boss in the league.


Derek is tempted by the kissable nanny, but he allows his reputation to come between them. Will he overcome his fears and take a shot at happiness?

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Derek: Blazers Hockey Romance
Book 3

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