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Blazers Hockey Romance

Beck: Blazers Hockey Romance

Beck: Blazers Hockey Romance

Book 1


A forbidden romance.


She’s a distraction he can’t allow, and he’s the scandal she can’t afford.


Beck Levesque has just weeks to lead his team to the top of the standings in the NHL. He doesn’t have time for distractions, certainly not from the likes of the smoking hot new marketing director, Hope Goodwin. As a newly appointed captain who’s been given an ultimatum for the success of the team, the allure of having the honey blonde capturing his every move for social media attention is the last thing he wants.


Hope Goodwin is determined to prove her value as the new marketing director for the Blazers. Promoted to the position after her predecessor was caught up in a workplace scandal, she vows to keep her head down and focus on the new marketing campaign featuring the sexy new team captain.


As they both warm up to the job and work together on the campaign, temptation rises with their growing attraction for each other. With both their jobs on the line, something has to give before they end up in the penalty box—permanently.

Chase: Blazers Hockey Romance

Chase: Blazers Hockey Romance

Book 2


A fake relationship, second chance, sports romance.


His game strategy is to win her back—and he doesn’t plan to lose.


Alternate Captain Chase Reid has only ever loved one thing more than playing hockey: Emily Clark. Years after she shattered his heart, he’s still captivated by the stubborn yet compassionate salesperson for his team, the San Jose Blazers. But she avoids him like he’s a major penalty.


Emily broke Chase’s heart to save him from her devastating secret, although she never stopped loving him. She raises barriers so she won’t succumb to his easygoing charm.


When her hand is forced, Emily sells Chase on a fake relationship. Lines blur and desire sizzles. Chase devises a game plan to win a second chance, but Emily still hides a heartbreaking truth. Will history repeat itself?

Trigger Warning Emily believes she would have troublegetting pregnant, but the book does not involve infertility.

Derek: Blazers Hockey Romance

Derek: Blazers Hockey Romance

Book 3


A baby on the doorstep, nanny, teammate’s sister, hockey romance.


He’s playing a new game, and she’s his only shot at winning.


When he lost the captaincy of the NHL’s San Jose Blazers, Derek West descended into a haze of booze and puck bunnies. The last position he’s qualified for is father. But when a previous hookup abandons the baby he didn’t know existed, he’s thrust into a role he never wanted. Completely unprepared, he needs all the help he can get.


Avery Lane has career goals that don’t include opening her heart to another baby. But when she’s laid off from her position in graphic design, she falls back on the job that put her through college: live-in nanny. For the hottest boss in the league.


Derek is tempted by the kissable nanny, but he allows his reputation to come between them. Will he overcome his fears and take a shot at happiness?

Luc: Blazers Hockey Romance

Luc: Blazers Hockey Romance

Book 4


A hurt/comfort, romantic suspense, hockey romance.


When his dark secret threatens, protecting her is his only goal.


A concussion takes defenseman Luc Michaud off the ice, risking his hockey career. When the ear-splitting renovation next door hinders his recovery, he faces off against his sexy, compelling neighbor. But he risks exposing his identity and revealing his dark past.


House-flipper and YouTube star Brynn Howes’s project is over budget and on a strict deadline. She can’t afford to shut down to appease the hot, broad-shouldered hockey player. Yet she can’t turn away an injured man.


As the scorching desire between them builds into something deeper, Luc’s past catches up with them. And when danger follows, they must fight for their future—and their lives.

Hudson: Blazers Hockey Romance

Hudson: Blazers Hockey Romance

Book 5


Coming August 2024

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